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VinTelligent™ software was originally developed and supported by Embarcadero Systems Corporation (ESC), the leading provider of technological support and software solutions for terminal operations and currently part of Ports America, managing cargo handling at 50 ports and 97 terminals in the United States and Mexico. Ports America is owned by Highstar Capital, a leader in value-added infrastructure investing. In 2009, VinTelligent™ software and related business was reorganized into an independent company VinTelligent, Inc., funded by Berkeley Capital Partners.

VinTelligent™ software was designed in partnership with the industry leaders in transportation business. For over decade many leading transportation companies depended on VinTelligent™ software and related technical services to manage the complexities of moving vehicles and cargo into and through their terminals. The VinTelligent™ technology reaches beyond the boundaries of the terminals to enhance and empower the relationship between the all-important customer and the terminal management, managing transportation logistics and communications 24 hours a day. With VinTelligent™ software the vehicles moving through the terminal are closely tracked to ensure accurate inventories and locations; vehicle movements are managed between rail, truck and ship; and operations are supported with transportation logistics and exceptions handling applications.

Vintelligent, Inc. recruited product development and support team which originally created VinTelligent™ software and currently supporting all VinTelligent™ customers. With extensive expertise in software development, data storage management and products support, VinTelligent, Inc. is committed to success of our customers and provides the crucial 24x7 technical services and fail-over planning that allows seamless operations of the product in many countries worldwide. Our Data Centers, with the array of state-of-the-art servers and top-notch administrators, ensure the reliability of all of our client terminals' systems. Our network systems provide the latest in pipeline technology and configuration, and our team of technologists stands ready to maintain and support the incredible range of software and hardware that makes it all happen.

Core Values

A vibrant work culture is the backbone of VinTelligent. We are focused on creating value for all of our customers, employees and stakeholders through a collaborative, performance-based environment. VinTelligent is guided by our core values, which shape and define our work culture and how we interact with our customers. Our work culture promotes mutual respect, best performance, and shared vision that make VinTelligent a fascinating place to work.

VinTelligent people love their work and are passionate about it. We believe in generating new ideas and making a positive impact on every organization we work with. At VinTelligent, the most competent, qualified individuals come together as a team and share their expertise to deliver best in class products and services to our customers.

Customer Satisfaction
We believe in 'Exceeding customer expectations, always.' We deliver quality service to our customers with unmatched commitment and enthusiasm, no questions asked. Our consistent and unwavering effort to offer our customers nothing but the best is what helps us build lasting relationships.

We are proud of the responsive service we offer our customers in helping them realize their goals of being agile in fast changing markets. We create value for our customers, our stakeholders and our people.

At VinTelligent, teamwork, the essence of our work culture enabling our people to transform ideas into innovations. We strive to work very closely with our customers to understand their needs and find innovative solutions to their complex problems, which is why our customers consider us a trusted partner.

We believe that all businesses have unique business needs, and we try to always offer the flexibility in all that we do to meet those needs. We are a trusted partner for our customers, helping them to acquire the business agility, timely-delivery, and high-niche quality results that they're looking for.

Professional Excellence
At VinTelligent, we strive for excellence in what we do. By creating a collaborative environment full of the best talent available and adhering to our core values, we continue to be an organization with a difference.

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Corporate Headquarters

3540 W. Sahara Ave, Suite #E6-135
Las Vegas, NV 89102, USA

Development and Support Offices

1710 South Amphlett Blvd., Suite #216
San Mateo, CA 94402, USA
Chernoy rechki emb., 41, building 7
Saint-Petersburg, 197342, Russia

Finance and Sales Offices

205 De Anza Blvd, Suite #171
San Mateo, CA 94402, USA
736 Granville Street, Suite #920
Vancouver, B.C. V6Z 1E4, Canada
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