VINTELLIGENT is leader in finished automobile logistics with the VinTelligent™ suite of products. These solutions, deployed at over 30 facilities manage finished vehicle transportation via truck, vessel, and rail. The VinTelligent application is web-based, modular and scaleable, providing fast and easy customization based on individual customer's business requirements. The system improves yard, vessel, train, and truck utilization by seamlessly integrating internal and external systems. VinTelligent reduces manual input by maximizing the use of EDI and electronic scanning.

The main product features include:

Receiving and Dispatching - Tracks the transfer of vehicle responsibility as the vehicles are received and dispatched from a terminal.

Inspection - Documents imperfections or damage.

Inventory Control - Maintains description, physical count, and location of vehicles for yard, vessel, and rail planning

Yard Planning - Provides flexible and dynamic planning algorithms to maximize the utilization of facility space and optimize labor used for loading and unloading rail, vessels, and trucks

Rail Management - Manages railcar spotting, grounding, load planning, loading, reconciliation and release.

Voyage Management - Manages vessel routes, vehicle load listing, load planning, loading, reconciliation and vessel arrivals and departures.

Data Collection - Automates information collection via portable computers, bar code scanners and wireless communication.

Services - Manages booking and advance shipping notices (ASNs).

Processor - Streamlines creation of job orders, as well as scheduling and tracking.

Utilities - Completes the package with features such as security, system setup and preferences, standard codes and configuration tables.

EDI - ncreases accuracy and reduces data entry through automated data interchange with Trading Partners. Booking, ASN, job order, hold and other messages from Trading Partners facilitate vehicle processing and handling on the terminal. Receipt, Load, Dispatches, Released, Move and other messages to Trading Partners provide instant visibility of cargo states for customers’ logistics operations.

Reporting - Reports provide many user facilities to track and report on vehicle events such as receipt of ASNs, arrival on the terminal, Planned for Load, Loaded, and Dispatched.

  • Available in Spanish (deployed by KCS at Mexico facility)
  • Internationalized and can be localized to other languages (Unicode Compatible)