Implementation and Integration Services

VinTelligent, Inc.'s service offering span the complete life cycle of business software implementation. We start with a best practices approach and work closely with our customers to develop and implement solutions tailored to their business needs. Our solution consultants are passionate about using technology to transform how work gets done in the enterprise. Each of our consultants brings to their projects a high level of individual excellence, domain expertise and deep experience with enterprise deployments.

There are many reasons why our customers call VinTelligent, Inc. their trusted technology partner:

Fast implementation
VinTelligent implements customer projects faster than internal IT departments. Design and implementation of IT solutions is our business, and our people, process, and technologies are created to offer quick turnaround times with minimal risk. There is no need to wait for new hardware or human resources to get your IT projects implemented as quickly as possible.

VinTelligent, Inc. provides you with the flexibility to adapt IT solutions to your business needs resulting from growth, changes in market demand, seasonality, reporting needs, marketing, or development initiatives.

VinTelligent, Inc. offers deep expertise in a broad spectrum of technologies and continuously invests in upgrading its technology platforms, processes and infrastructure.

VinTelligent provides you with the "best of breed" technologies and experienced IT professionals to support your business. Our team of highly-skilled engineers and system architects can help ensure the success of your software rollout.

VinTelligent, Inc. has broad IT expertise to simplify your IT vendor matrix. Multiple suppliers of IT services frequently complicate the problem resolution process. We simplify your software, hardware, and applications management, and provide an assigned account manager to partner with you as your single point of contact.

Custom Software Development

For many of our customers, Vintelligent, Inc. provides seamless extension to the IT and engineering departments. You can rely on VinTelligent, Inc's broad IT expertise to help you lower your costs, simplify your vendor matrix and concentrate on the your core business. VinTelligent, Inc. offers domain expertise, innovative solutions and exceptional service to improve your business performance and give you a competitive advantage. Our global delivery capabilities offer customers' deep industry expertise, enhanced service levels, and visible cost advantage.

Our core values of customer satisfaction, responsiveness, collaboration and flexibility help us create a positive work environment and lasting relationships with our customers, employees, partners, and community. Our development organization has the following technology skills and can handle diverse range of system customization and integration services:

Programming Languages / Technologies
Microsoft .NET, ASP.NET, C#.NET, VB.NET
Microsoft Visual Basic, ASP, VB Script
VB and .NET Script, HTML, DHTML
JSP, Struts & VB and .NET Servlets
Ruby on Rails
CGI / Perl
ActionScript / Flex
UNIX shell programming
Operating Systems
Windows 2003 / 2000 / NT / XP/ 98 / 95
SUN Solaris
Unix, Linux
Application Servers
Microsoft IIS
Microsoft Transaction Server
MS Sharepoint Portal Server
MS Exchange Server
MS Commerce Server / Site Server
IBM WebSphere
Apache Tomcat
BEA WebLogic
MS BizTalk Server
MS Content Management Server

Application Hosting and Management Services

VinTelligent provides hosting and application services. VinTelligent's hosted solutions are designed to lower your capital expenditures for infrastructure, and provide a best-of-breed enterprise platform across our network of data centers. Reducing the initial capital requirements and aligning our costs with your growth frees your working capital and helps you to do more with less.

VinTelligent's hosted solutions lower your IT operating costs by 20-40%. The savings are created by leveraging our economies of scale in the utilization of our technology platform; IT infrastructure network; highly evolved monitoring and remediation processes and automated tools; and the domain expertise of a global, professional employee base working with our customers and the technology of applications and infrastructure.

VinTelligent hosted solutions guarantee service levels to ensure uninterrupted delivery and optimally performing IT systems and applications. Our technology platforms are built on redundant systems and are continuously monitored by our experienced professionals. Service level guarantees are part of our contract with customers and are unmatched by even the best-in-class internal IT departments.

Whether you use our collocation services or not, we can provide you with 24x7 application management services by connecting remotely to the application. Our application management services include system monitoring, performance tuning, establishing and maintaining appropriate disaster recovery strategy, system configuration, upgrades and service patch installations, and support for integrations and customization.

Our Datacenter:

Our data center is the backbone of our managed hosting and application services, and caters to the varying and evolving business needs. Our data center provides a resilient, secure, and high performance environment for your IT infrastructure, business applications and mission critical data. These features, enabling you to reduce your overall operating costs, lower your risk of downtime, and to quickly deploy new applications and services.

Flexible Space Options
The data center provides a combination of Slab-on-Grade (concrete) flooring for different cage configurations and raised floors for cabinets. Both the cages and cabinets are locked for security. If need be, customers can get dedicated or custom cage space as per their specific business requirements.

Enhanced Security
The data center has multiple levels of physical security systems, including biometric palm scanners at entrances to control entry and card access at all interior and exterior doors. Entering data center buildings requires mandatory visitor registration, visitor escorts, and employee badge access. Entering the actual data center requires and escort by authorized personnel. These strict security measures ensure a reliable, safe environment for your IT operations.

Fire Protection
The data center has early warning AnaLASER fire suppression systems with both smoke and high temperature detectors, and a Dry Pipe, with a double interlock fire suppression system. The systems are monitored 24x7 onsite as well as at our Network Operation Center.

Precision Environment
The data center is equipped with full data-grade HVAC (Heating Ventilation Air conditioning) systems with N+1 redundancy for regulating the air temperature and humidity in the area where your equipment resides - maximizing your equipment's performance and ensuring continuous operations.

Uninterrupted Power
The data center is fed power through highly redundant and efficient power systems and are backed up by generators that can keep the site running at full load for 24 hours with hot refuel capability, without requiring power from any direct electric grid. The parallel UPS systems with battery backup are redundantly supplied by diversely distributed utility. The diverse power routes and redundant switching infrastructure help ensure your connections are optimized, both in speed and performance.

The network is well supported with a direct-leased line Internet connection to High Speed OC3 - Internet Connection Services - ensuring fast network connectivity regardless of volume peaks, 100% uptime, and instant response for hosted business applications and servers.

24x7 Network Operations Center
The equipment and bandwidth are always monitored by trained and certified technical staff. The collocation access and customer support team is available 24x7x365.